Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'M Back

Hi All!
Well, it's been a long time I've been gone, but I thought I might try to get back to the blog..Did you miss me?
Since my last blog, lots has been going on. On top of the fact that winter is here, has been, and doesnt seem to be leaving too quickly.. Lots is about to happen..From friends moving away, to friends being diagnosed with cancer, to my baby girl getting ready to graduate in June! I think I've run the emotional roller coaster... several times over! In the bigger picture of life though, it's all relatively good.
Some fun stuff coming up:

~My family is going to Hawaii!! Yup, without me! They are going to visit with some friends for a week.. Should be an interesting trip! I'm sure I'll have lots to tell when they return! :) While they are away I'm going to catch up on lots of reading, and catch a Bebo Norman concert too! I'm pretty excited about that.
So that's it for now..I need to get back to my reading!
Talk later!

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