Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So whats your story ??

  I just spent a week away in the boonies of Maine.. in a rustic-ish ( new word?.. kinda rustic but not totally :)) cabin clustered on the edge of a lake, with two other cabins. Each year for the last bazillion, my sister in laws family has rented the same cabin.. We had rented  YEARS ago..stopped, and have been back for a week every summer...  for the last few years..It's very quiet and peaceful.. No Tv, No phones.. .Just  awesome loons....singing us to sleep at night, waking us up in the morning with their beautiful songs...

caught him spreading his wings through the mist

  One day my niece asked me if I wanted to go kayaking across the lake...I said sure! it was a beautiful day...why not?
We got all the way across,  and saw this house that actually is on it's own little island...It was pretty lonely and sad looking.. so we decided to check things out..
We yakked around the back side of the island and got out...
What an awesome little house! Yea, it was very forlorn and sad looking, quite lonely too- almost forgotten...The front of it has a porch, that was boarded up, but all the windows around the house we could see in... a tiny little kitchen area...small living /bedroom quarters...some stairs going up.. to what we assumed was probably another small bedroom. It reminded me of an old" little house on the prairie" type house....basic living necessity's.
There was no electricity to the house. No bathroom.. We discovered an out house around the back side..      ( YES! I opened the door to check it out!! :))
There were old maps on the walls...in one room an OLD huge piano!! not sure how they got it in there but it was!  It had to have weighed a ton!
We kinda all left feeling sad for the place.. It would make a beautiful cabin...we wanted to check and see if it was for sale.. :)... all it needed was.a little TLC...on it's own island.. how COOL would that be?!
    Yakking back across the lake.. it kinda got me thinking.. this sad little forlorn cabin...I wondered what it's story was... who owned it.. where were they.. who was it's family... how it looked so sad.. but obviously someone had been in there at some point...SOMEBODY had loved it.
For some reason, yakking back to our cottages... I couldn't help thinking about the cottage, and how similar it was  to our lives....We board up ourselves, don't let anyone in..trying to protect ourselves from more hurts,  disappointments and losses...We can see but sometimes because of lifes circumstances, things aren't so clear and can be a little foggy.....What we need to do is just let the Son in.....to clear our thinking, pull off the walls we've put up.We need to live the life we were meant to live... Just like that little cabin  that was created for a purpose.....so were we.....we just need to be transformed.. from the inside out...by the Son, who loves us so....we need to have the faith to believe He loves us...and is able to help heal the hurts, the wounds..the disappointments..
I know my own life is similar to that cabins..... but little by little, by letting the love in.. the walls have come down...the vision has cleared, and I can feel the Son's love pouring thru....even on my hardest days..
I know I have a long way to go....but that's what life is isn't it? a journey? Change doesn't happen over night...but it's an awesome journey when you can look back, and see the boarded up shell we used to be, transformed into a beautiful, much loved, child of the King.

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