Sunday, October 24, 2010

For Today

I am stealing this idea from my friend.. hope she won't mind.. but I thought it was a great way to remind myself...( and maybe you =)) to be thankful for each day, and all that comes with it...
Each day is a gift.. we don't know what we'll get or find, but that's part of the challenge and surprise, and hopefully.. for the most part.. the joy of it.. Enjoy!! and maybe think about what you would put in place of my answers!!

                                              For today...

Outside my window... the leaves are falling and the trees are looking beautiful still, even though they are becoming barren

I am thinking... about how much I need to do today

I am hearing...  the sound of the rain falling on the roof, and my husband watching the football game

I am thankful for...God's Grace everyday, a roof over my head, friends that love me, and my best friend ... my hubby

I am wearing... a warm hoodie, and jeans

I am remembering... each day is a gift, and thinking about the holiday season of Thanksgiving coming up and how much I truly have to be thankful for every day.

I am going... out with the some friends to learn a new craft today

I am reading...  too many books at once! Right now I'm reading "The Help", and "Choosing to See"

I am hoping... that my new business adventure  and  my photography take off! They are both so fun, and what I love to do

I am creating...  a new way of life.

On my mind...  my kids, family.. my mom. I miss her and my dad..I keep wondering how much more time he has.

Noticing that.. as I get older, I cherish memories, friends and family more and more.

Around the house...  it's so quiet with out the kids here now, but the pets keep things lively! 

One of my favorite things...  listening to the sound of the ocean, and the waves as they roll and roar in to shore! What an awesome show of God's power!  I so love the smell of the ocean, and the raw beauty of it!!


Melanie said...

I'm pretty sure she doesn't mind! :) It is a fun way to be introspective & share!

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)
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