Thursday, January 6, 2011

These things I know...

These things I know for sure....

That before I was knit in my mother's womb...God knew me and had a perfect plan for my life

I know for sure that I am fearfully and wonderfully made...even when I don't feel wonderful and this human body is failing me

I know for sure that I am loved unconditionally, by a Father who sees my heart and knows my deepest joys,sorrows,fears,and desires.He smiles at my joys and collects all my tears..

I know that life is full of bumps in the road that we must go over or around on this journey of ours called Life...either way...His hand is always outstretched, ready to catch us if we fall

I know for sure that we all have a choice to truly see the joy and blessings in each day..

What do you know for sure and what are you choosing?

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