Sunday, February 27, 2011

Say it isn't sooo!!! not more SNOW!


Here it is 3 1/2 weeks till spring, and we're getting more snow. Yesterday we got about 6 inches.. today another possible 5 inches...Bleh! Will it never end!!  The snow banks are so high, you can't see around them, the ice dams on the roofs are building..
Good news is...even with the snow.. there is hope. I noticed, while walking Jack, that the birds are coming back, and singing.... so I guess if they can sing, we can too..
Listening to them, with all the snow around, is a constant reminder to me that God takes care of even the birds...especially during the long why do we think that He's not hearing, and caring for us sometimes?
The snow is a perfect opportunity to try  out my new lens. I got a macro lens...still trying to figure it out.. but having fun doing it...
so stayed tuned.. maybe next blog will be about the sunshine,  and green grass!!! YAY!

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