Friday, March 25, 2011


So I'm in a slump.

I've been really getting into the photography thing.... and LOVING IT! but ... I also started looking at other peoples work... not good!

I decided this week to go back to square one. Start over. Begin again. UGHHHhh
It's my only option.
I got so caught up in what I thought my photo's should look like, because of other peoples work, that I found myself losing my own self and who I am in my pictures. WHY I love taking photos, WHAT I got from it, and WHY I take photos. I've gotten so caught up in HOW other people take their photos, and how they edit, ect... I've lost my way.
I've been taking this photography class online. I find, that tho it's REALLY informative, it is more so, on the technical side. I kinda jumped ahead and started doing my own thing...because I got bored with the technical- and then got frustrated...I guess it doesn't pay to jump ahead! I do miss not having a hands on learning experience. I'm thinking of taking a free basics class, just to help me figure out some of the stuff I feel I've all the technical stuff.
Stay tuned...
Goin back to my photography basics... and gonna stay true to me...and NOT what others think I should do, or be...

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Melanie said...

Welcome back! :) Good for you!! You take MARVELOUS pictures... don't compare (of course you know this, we all do) but we all do it from time to time! Be true to YOUR calling... seeing life through YOUR eyes is something ONLY YOU CAN DO! And... you can share it with us through your pictures!!
Love ya bunches!!