Friday, June 24, 2011


So I started taking this online photography class , about a year ago... I started it then, but I kind of let it go to the side, basically as a result of just life getting in the way...and my own insecurity....or lack of confidence??
For some reason .. I feel sometimes that I'm afraid to succeed..
Is that possible?  Am I afraid to continue, because I'm afraid to do well? I'm not sure....
With all that has gone on in my life the past few years.. I've let a lot of me slip away.
It's time I came back... All of me.
So I decided it was time to pick up my camera class, where I left off.. and try to push forward, move on.. and finish it..
I've decided it doesn't really matter if I finish well.. as long as I finish it... for myself.. I need to do this...
So, I've begun.
I jumped right in, and took my first test....
Let's just say I passed.. =)  Next step is to send in my first unit project.. which is 3 pictures....using 3 different settings...that they decide
Here are the first three photos that I'm submitting:

The picture had to be one using shutter speed to express a sense of motion or speed.. this is all I could come up with...


The picture had to be shot using selective focus to make the picture stand out.. ( basically shallow DOF)
The log in the background, and the plants and flowers are blurred, while the Lady Slipper is at the forefront

# 3

The picture had show a feeling of distance.. ( basically DOF)
I thought I had taken something else.. but didn't, so I used this pic. not the best.. but it's something..

So now the pictures are mailed to the school, where professional photogs will access them, grade them, send them back, and tell me how I did.. I'm curious to see what they say.... Can't lie... I have a little trepidation too.. but..
It's fun.. The class itself is full of A LOT of technical info, so I find it overwhelming sometimes. Especially when you've figured out the basics, and try to jump ahead... =D
It's definately true ...You need to pick up your camera everyday and just shoot.. just take pictures, to keep things fresh, and to stay in the game...
One of the most important things I've learned so far is that it's NOT the camera that makes the photographs, it's the photographers eye that does... and you DON"T need a fancy-shmancy camera to be a great photographer..
Also.. it doesn't matter what kind of photo's others are taking. Don't worry about whether your pics look as good as someone elses, or have the same type of  editing, etc. Do what you love,  be true to yourself, and follow your dreams.. you'll get there!


Sally said...

I'm so glad you are continuing on... I love your "shots". I'm so thankful you started our little "foto" page on FB. You challenge me my friend and I am thankful to you for that!!

We all have fears to overcome, challenges to face, and then joy to share : )
Thanks for sharing your heart with me - I'm behind you all the way, living my photographer dreams vicariously through you ;)

Love and hugs - me

Cathy said...

... and you keep me on my toes!! thanks for all the encouragement..couldn't get anywhere lately without it...
Here's to many more years of Joy... and great photo ops!!!
love you, my far away friend.... =)

Melanie said...

Hurray for you!! I'm glad that you decided to tackle your class again! You CAN do it... and just finishing will be a huge success! :) Thanks for taking all of us along on your journey! God has lots yet to do... keep that song in your heart and your camera in your hand! :)