Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear 2012

Dear 2012,

2011 stunk, REALLY bad..

Ya.. I KNOW.. there were blessings in the mess of  2011.. but honestly... the YUCK of it, kinda out weighed the blessings this year.. and NO, I'm not being negative.. just honest... it was a heck of a year. .... on A LOT of levels!
So I have an idea.. lets CHANGE that 2012.. K?  K.. You and Me.. 2012.. we're GONNA BE AWESOME!!!
so I have just ONE request of you.. please just be better then 2011. Period. That's all I ask.

Maybe you could be a little more gentler, more peaceful, more fun. Be a little kinder, maybe let life be a little sweeter, maybe just a little less traumatic and dramatic.
Maybe people could be a little more honest.. get along a little better?be a little less selfish.
More adventures would be nice. A job I TRULY love would be awesome. I have some thoughts and ideas on this.. we'll see how it plays out..
Oh.. and Please don't take anyone else that I love. I definitely need a break from that. Seeing and hanging out with people I love, more, would be the best.
Being in good health this year would be really awesome too.. Not usually the type to be sick... did I mention 2011 REALLY sucked? ya.. especially in THAT dept. ....anyway
More trips to the ocean would be at the top of my list. Can't help the need for it, or being drawn to it. I think it's in my DNA..
Kayaking is great.. but the ocean is just plain AWESOME. The smell, the sound of the seagulls.. the gentle lapping of the waves on the shore. Then next thing ya know.. Wild waves crashing the rocks!  and THE SMELL.. Ahhhhhhhh.... I am SOOOoo miss- placed in this world.. *sigh*
More time to be me would be great.I'm really NOT the selfish type, but...Most of my life has been spent doing what others have wanted, or needed. Trying to make everyone happy..keep the peace kinda thing... Being caregiver for, and to everyone, but not myself...... Times are a' changin' 2012...No more mista nice guy....!!!
More time to read. More time to play with my camera. More time with music.. I guess more time to figure out who me is, now that everyone that shaped who I was, is gone..and THAT... is  making me seriously consider who I really am.... never really had the opportunity to do that....
A funny thing about losing everyone....I am finding that I am realizing more.. who my authentic real self is...and I'm finding....that it's NOT who I grew up's ok... and I'm ok with who that person is..
Life changes.... so many this year... we need to cool off on that too 2012.. K?  nuff with the changes for now.
.hmmm. THIS could be an interesting year.
I think I'm sounding like I'm in menopause or something..ya know.. the whole life change thing... but I have the official word I'm not. (WAY COOL! )  I'm just finally coming to understand some things about how this life  REALLY works.... and it's definitely time to make some changes.
So anyway....To reconnect, and connect with people life has disconnected me from, is a priority too. Life has thrown so many curve balls...things I had no control over, I have control over now, as a grown adult. I'm hoping I can pursue some of that.
So 2012.. these are just a few of my thoughts on you. Do you think maybe.... maybe just a teeny weeny bit even... you could possibly work with me here?  I would SOOOOooo very much appreciate it..... and it  would be REALLY great if you could...
Let's move ahead and make this an awesome year!  K?... K!

Here's hoping to a great year....withe much growth, good health and many blessings to all!

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